Q: What type of health testing has been done?
A: All kittens are out of fully tested parents for PKD, HCM, and FIV/FELV

Q: Do you offer shipping?
A: You are welcome to pick up your kitten at our farm. We can discuss a delivery if that works best for you. We also offer shipping and possibly meeting at a half way point. Buyer is responsible for transport price and our travel cost if we will be meeting buyer at a half way point.

Q: What type of food are the cats fed?
A: I have recently started feeding all my cats and kittens raw. I am completely amazed at the overall improvement of their appearance, minimal shedding, no fur balls and best of all very little poo in the litter box…….compared to when I was feeding commercial grade cat food. I certainly don’t insist on the new owners feeding raw. If it is something that might appeal to you there are many brands and even raw pet food distributors that are available. If you choose to feed commercial just make sure it is grain free.

Q: What is the minimum age for kittens to be picked up/delivered?
A: 10 weeks